Sometimes I can get super envious of people who tell me they only have 2 “active’ WIPS. I can get so incredibly jealous! When a project takes too long to finish (or we get a heatwave and it’s too hot), I usually end up starting a new project. I think it’s because a new project is usually a small project. So one moment you’re working on a maxi dress (that’s lying on your lap when it’s 25+ degrees, and even thought it’s cotton it’s still too hot for a blanket), and the next moment a pair of socks rolls off your needles. Oops!

I know there’s a lot of you knitters out there who a: are traumatized by schoolteachers who forced you to knit socks in a certain way or b: don’t think it’s worth the effort. I get you, trust me. I’ve been part of group b for the longest time, that is, until the horrific (yes I’m being a drama llama) winter of 2010-2011.

So let me give you 10 reasons to knit socks:

  1. A sock is a complete and worthy project but it will not grow into a huge beast. They’re perfect for travel/ commute.
  3. A sock consists of three elements: a cuff, a heel and a toe. There’s a whole lot of different patterns that all use a different method for the heel, cast on/ cast off or what not, but the basic elements of a sock don’t change.
  4. There’s a LOOOOOT of different sock patterns out there!
  5. There’s a lot of differen ways to knit a sock. There’s also a huge amount of patterns that use different construction methods to achieve the form of a sock.
  6. A sock is a great gift for close friends or dear relatives.
  7. Sockyarn is machine washable (and in some cases is also dryer proof)
  8. Is nice to geek out and learn 20 different types of heel by heart.
  9. The remnants of your skeins of sockyarns can be used for heels and toes, babysocks, a scrap blanket or scrap socks. It totally works with our “Zero-waste” culture 🙂
  10. They’re just so incredibly comfortable (weird isn’t it).

These are my Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks (that’s quite a title yes), and I think it’s a great booklet (because it’s definitly not just a pattern!) if you’re interested in learning how to knit perfectly fitting socks. I personally only use it because of the heel construction (it’s very comfortable because there’s no increase/ decrease and the heel always fits without stretching).

I used our own handdyed yarn: Sticks & Cups Sockstravagance in colorway “Poseidon”.

Hope you take another step to the dark side 🙂

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