Hi there! It’s officially June and in my opinion it’s summertime! What every summer needs is a good boho top, so today we’re proudly publishing our summer top “Moss”! To make one for yourself you need 3 balls of Scheepjes Secret Garden and one ball of Scheepjes Catona 50!

Photo: jjvdbrug

The top comes in 3 sizes but can be altered by making the side/ back panels longer or shorter. Though the pattern is written with one size for the front panel, it’s also possible to change the size by starting with more or less chains.

I’m a huge fan of the Secret Garden! It’s super soft, has a soft gradient but it’s also got character and a lovely texture. The softness of the Catona really brings out the texture.

My version is made using Secret Garden in colorway “Herb Garden” (702) and Catona in colorway “Kiwi (205). The fringe is optional and the placing and/ or size can be adjusted to your personal preference 😉

The pattern is available for free (CLICK HERE) or via Ravelry.

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