Amethyst Dress FO

Such a good feeling to finish things! This one was finished a while ago (like many other things) and I’m catching up on the blog 🙂

It doesn’t seem like such but this is a 2.0km dress and I finished it in a little over a month! MONTH! It was that much fun to crochet 🙂 I used two balls of Scheepjes Whirl in colorway 770 Black Forest Zinger.

It’s amazing to see how many colors there are in a whirl and how they change and morph into the new color. Even though it’s a huge project, you never get bored working with the yarn 🙂 (at least I don’t!)

I consider myself to be a knitter first before a crocheter (although I really enjoy both!), it always surprises me how much faster crochet projects seem te go. I learned crochet before I learned to knit (in all fairness, I learned when I was four years old and then it’s a lot easier for people to teach you crochet rather than knitting simply because of developing fine motor skills). My grandmother taught me to crochet granny squares (funny right?) but because I was born in the 80s the timing was against me.

My grandmother didn’t ready patterns, she crocheted from memory (and experience I now understand), so I never learned to read patterns. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. So after a while I put away the crochet hook in favor of coloring pencils.

When you know that story it’s even funnier when you know that some thirty years later I was basically crocheting two big granny squares and turning it into a dress! Kid me would’ve been blow away!

Although the lace bit isn’t too see-through, it’s still super quick! Just look at that neon yellow section! I really, really love how this thing is turning out! Crochet, I’ve noticed, is one of my favorite projects when I’m hanging with the kids. I can just put a marker on the live stitch and let my kid poke the project with the hook. His way of crocheting too!

I can’t believe how much different this project looks compared to the colors on the ball. I am absolutely in LOVE with the neon yellow, the olive, the pink, (but also the grey and purple…..)

Onward to my next whirl project!

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