The Legendary Mohair Sweateralong

It’s pretty Legendary already! After a bit of a rough start (we started a week later than planned) there’s a lot of good progress! I’m only joining for decorative purposes as I’m (obviously) not going to be winning anything LOL. I also had a few other things to finish so I’m a little bit late….

Thankfully I’m the only one who’s late and there’s a lot of nice progress photo’s being either put up on Instagram or are being sent to us by email. I decided to dedicate this post to a few of these projects to support the contestants (and to give myself a proverbial kick in the butt)!


One of the projects is a combination between Scheepjes Silvi and Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm! It’s so subtle and I love the colour combination!

I had mentioned that there’d be bonus points for using Scheepjes Panda, but I think we should credit this contestant extra bonus points for using Scheepjs Panda Sparkle! Look at it! Glorious Retro Vibes right here.

I love how this project uses a combination of Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm and another yarn to create a subtle mohair effect rather than going all out on the mohair.

This was a short and sweet update on a few of the contestants! I’ll be sure to give another update with other contestants very soon!

Thanks all for participating! Y’all rock!

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