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On swatches..

There’s a few subjects that keep popping up in the shop, one of them being the swatch. Although some questions are directly related to actual swatches, most of the questions are caused by the results of not swatching properly. Sometimes customers will have poor experiences with woollen projects “sagging” or stretching out of shape, so …

knitting Tutorial

Winter wear – part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our hat “walkthrough”/ tutorial. We’re going to talk about colorwork! If you’ve missed part 1 you can check it out HERE! Choosing colors is a lot of fun, until the project doesn’t turn out the way you intended it to. How did this happen? and how can we prevent …

knitting Tutorial

Winter wear – part 1

I once designed a hat (back in 2017) with yarns we used to sell in the shop. It was a simple pattern, using 6mm needles and Aran weight yarn. Something quick and easy, doable in a weekend when the temperatures suddenly drop. I never really finished the pattern and it sort of remained at the …