There’s a few patterns out there that make you want to knit them over and over again. One of those patterns are the Jaywalkers. This free sock pattern is so popular there’s already more than 11.6 thousand (yes THOUSAND) projects on Ravelry. And with good reason I might add, they’re super comfy!

I’ve already knit them twice before and I’m a huge fan, but a word of warning: they’re a bit snug because of the pattern. The decreases and increases and the direction the stitches move in cause the fabric to become less stretchy than stockinette stitch! This is (of course) explained in the pattern. The pattern also advises you to cast on more stitches than you normally would to negate this effect.

This third version was knit using our own Sticks & Cups Socksanity sock yarn in colorway Anhur. I cast on 72 instead of the normal 64, using 2.25mm DPN’s. I’ve moved down a size since my first socks as I used to knit them with 2.5mm, but I feel it’s a small sacrifice for much better quality socks in the end, so it’s really worth the effort.

Funny story: When this little project was still a wee WIP we were organising a yarn tasting at the shop for our socksanity yarns. Due to some unfortunate communication issues my ball of yarn was also used to make mini cakes of yarn. Not a big deal at the time, but while knitting the sock I realized I had misplaced the last minicake and was out of yarn before finishing the toe. In the end I chose to just use some yarn in another colorway so I could finish the sock.

You can’t really tell from a distance, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but on this picture you can clearly see the difference between the toes. I used a tiny bit of Ares to finish this sock.

Onward to the next sock!

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