This one’s been in my queue since 2015, but I never got ’round to actually knitting one. The Baa-ble hat! During Shetland Wool Week (and I think a while after as well) this was a free to download pattern, nowadays you can buy yourself a copy in Donna Smith’s Ravelry store.

The design is very clever, but also very easy to knit. I was looking for a hat pattern for a toddler, so my version has been modified somewhat.

The pattern calls for 3,5mm and 4,0mm needles and is originally written for adult heads. In order for me to get the right size I cast on with a 2,75mm and moved onto 3,25 after the ribbing. I adjusted my needle size so I could use Finullgarn (Rauma)

I didn’t change the amount of stitches I had to cast on, but I did add a number of extra rows to make sure the hat wouldn’t get too small (ask me how I know..). I followed the pattern until I was done with the sheep and kept adding an extra row of ‘sky’ between the rows of stars.

I also decided not to add any more stars when I got to the top shaping. I like the effect of a clear sky and I feel it makes the stars stand out even more (but this is my personal opinion).

The great thing about this pattern is that while you’ll use four colors, you’re not using them all at the same time. You’re only working with two different colors at the same time. This makes it a great beginner project if you’re looking into learning stranded knitting!

The Finullgarn becomes even softer after washing and it poofs up a bit. This causes the fiber to cover all the holes you get in knitting, creating a dense and warm (and somewhat airtight) fabric! And to finish it off (and because I like me some contrasting textures) I added a faux fur pompom (by Rico).

I’m happy to say I’ve already spotted Baa-ble hat in it’s natural habitat. It looks pretty happy to me 🙂

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