Right in time for the cold weather we’re having right now! Working on this sweater was great fun, altough it took a bit to finish because I was working on other things and because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the way the colours were working together and I ended up frogging a big chunk of it.

Now that it’s finished it’s I’m really happy with the way it turned out, even though there’s still a number of things I might adjust later on. The pattern originally calls for a lighter weight yarn and the bottom is supposed to curl up a bit. I chose a sport weight yarn for my sweater so the rolling might become a bit of a problem. If it does I’m probably going to add a few rows of ribbing, but I’ll have to see if it bothers me or not 🙂

Other than that it’s all good. I’m really happy about the way the colors are fading in and out. I love how my left sleeve is lighter than the right sleeve and I love how the middle section is a deeper pink 🙂

So about the specs 😛 The pattern is the “Sunset Highway Sweater” and it’s a design by  Caitlin Hunter, also known as Boyland Knitworks. This lady has an amazing set of patterns and I’ve already added a number of them to my mental queue. Yes mental, my Ravelry queue needs some updating.. don’t look.. seriously.. ahem.. moving on!

The yarn I used for this project is our own Sticks & Cups Sockstravagance 🙂

Personally, I’m a huge fan of this type of construction. It’s usually a perfect fit and there’s no seams or visibly aligned increases or decreases. There’s no pulling when you stretch your arms and there’s no seaming. In my humble opinion it’s one of the most perfect sweater constructions for knitting. The process just totally agrees with me 🙂

Anyway, I’m stoked to finally be able to wear this sweater and I can’t wait to start some new projects!!

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