If you’ve ever been in the shop you’ll know we have a collection of swatches of our yarns. We try to show our customers how the yarns will behave when knit or crocheted up. Besides following the manufacturers’ advice, we also tend to make combinations we think are nice.

Lang Yarns Cloud Swatch on 7mm needles

The picture above shows a swatch we made of Lang Yarns Cloud using 7mm needles at a gauge of 12 stitches x 20 rows = 10x10cm or 4″x4″. This swatch also shows the gradient and the color changes on a swatch that measures about 20cm in width (8″).

The yarn is hollow and slightly fuzzy, it has great thermic properties and is light and airy.

Close up of the thread texture

Because of the hollow and airy texture there is a total of 260m (286 yards) on a 100 gram ball. The yarn is suitable for 7mm needles (nice for quick projects). The swatch also shows that the color changes follow each other quickly. The colors are rich and intense and will work for garments but also for accessories and home textiles.

Swatch of Lang Yarns Cloud and Wooladdicts Trust held together

Although Cloud can be used on it’s own and is a gorgeous yarn in it’s own right, there are combinations that give it a different feel and texture. The picture above shows the swatch we made of the Cloud held together with the Trust. This swatch is knit using 15mm needles and has a gauge of 6 stitches x 10 rows = 10x10cm or 4″x4″. This combination tones down the color changes and the intensity.

In this swatch both yarns we used are about the same thickness. The Cloud calls for 7mm needles while the Trust calls for 8mm needles. In general, when combining yarns we also add both needle sizes.

Swatch Lang Yarns Cloud and Wooladdcits Water

Another combination worth making is for example the Lang Yarns Cloud held together with the Wooladdicts Water. This swatch was knit using 10mm needles and has a gauge of 9 stitches x 16 rows = 10x10cm.

The pictures unfortunately come out a bit over saturated, since the colors are softer in person than on the screen. My camera has a very hard time with the subtle shifts in this color combination

The three swatches in one frame to show the differences

The picture above shows all three swatches in one frame. It’s hard to see the scale difference in separate pictures. As you can see the gradient is less pronounced and moves slower compared to the swatch in the middle. This is one way of changing the way the final product looks.

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